In order to adjust the heat anticipator, you must first know what it is.The heat anticipator is the electrical device which controls when the furnace
blower turns on and off. These are found on the large majority of mechanical thermostats.

The basic idea is that the heat anticipator, literally anticipates the point at which a room will be at the desired room temperature. For example, if
you wanted your room to be 70 degrees, rather than turning off when the thermostat detected 70 degrees, it will turn off when it expects the
entire room to be at that temperature. Because of this, it is sometimes best to place a thermostat in the coldest part of a room so that it can
ensure that it is properly heating the house. Placing a thermostat next to a vent, will mean that it will require being turned up substantially higher
in order to produce the same effect. You will want to keep your thermostat set to a constant setting and normally you want to keep it around
68-70 in the winter. For every degree you raise it above 70 you're adding 7-10 percent to your cost of keeping your house warm.
Because it gets so dry in the winter it takes a higher temperature to keep you feeling warm, so you may want to consider buying a humidifier that
will add some moisture to the air.

To Adjust The Heat Anticipator Perform The Following Steps:

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Professionals use a special meter for this measurement which is the only true way to get precise results, but as long as you make the small
adjustments as recommended here, you will get it close with the proper guesswork.

Repeat again if needed, and if the adjustment prodeure above yeilds no results for the 2nd time, then consider
replacing the thermostat

WARNING: If you short circuit the gas valve terminals or oil burner W terminal you will burn out the heat anticipator.
You will have to replace the thermostat!

WARNING: Do not set the anticipator amps below .3 as this may damage the anticipator

Heat Anticipator Adjustment
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